3Djeweled was founded in 2017 by the designer and 3D artist Eleni Siokou.
A jewelry brand based in Athens, Greece. Holding great respect for the innovative organic patterns and technological innovations while designing with contemporary aesthetics, the brand forges an original mix of art and the digital world.

The 3D jewelry artist started her career soon after she graduated from the School of Fine Arts and completed her studies as a 3D designer. Her experience and understanding of painting, graffiti, and 3D modeling helped her to develop her path and signature style and gain a better understanding of volume, form, shape, and urban culture. Her background stands as a key aspect of her brand’s philosophy; her inspiration derives directly from the behavior and functions of raw materials such as gold and semi precious stones but also from her inner curiosity to explore the connection between the digital and physical world.

Staying true to her love for handmade jewelry, the designer personally develops every piece of her collection to achieve the best possible result. During the production stages, every detail is of great importance and is therefore masterfully executed to perfection. The designer is constantly searching for inspiring aesthetics, new trends, and technologies that can be applied and form a modern reality.


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3D modeling

Development of 3D jewelry models delivered in .3dm and .obj files for editing or .stl ready for printing, according to the client’s custom orders and specific directions. Always concerned about the particular features of every piece of jewelry, such as the materials and gems. The modeling process accounts for all the technical aspects that are essential for jewelry making and fitting.

3D JEWELED can also deliver the 3D models or the mockup jewel cast in silver or brass, ready for production, in collaboration with 3Dprinting and casting labs, and suggest professionals for the finishing of the piece.

3D design

This service is oriented toward professionals as well as individuals, and it is about creating and/or developing single pieces of jewelry or full collections. The client sets the base for inspiration, e.g. jewelry for special occasions, and can be involved in the designing process.

Upon request, individual clients can also receive ready-to-print .stl files of the 3Dmodels, the mockup jewel cast in silver/brass, or the finished piece ready-to-wear, in collaboration with a network of professional goldsmiths and labs.




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